Torte' Tiramisu
A creamy sweet Mascarpone filling torte' with chocolate, coffe,
and a hint of Kahlua $6.95

A wedge of vanilla, chocolate and pistachio ice cream topped
with cherry sauce and whipped cream $5.95

Brownie Supremo
A brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce,
whipped cream, walnuts, and a cherry $6.95

N.Y. Style Cheesecake
Plain $5.95
with strawberries $6.95

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich
Two big chocolate chip cookies filled with vanilla ice-cream,
topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce $6.95
(Big enough for two)

Chocolate Peanutbutter Pie
A chocolate crust filled with a sweet creamy Peanutbutter filling
topped with chocolate $6.95

Sweet ricotta filled pastry finished with chopped pistachio nuts
and powdered sugar $4.95

Apple Pie
Plain $3.95
Ala Mode $4.95

Gourmet Cookies
Please ask about our selection $2.50
Fresh brewed Italian Espresso Roast Coffee in a demitasse
cup with a lemon twist $1.50

Italian Espresso Roast Coffee & steamed Milk $2.75

Espresso, steamed Hot Chocolate & Whipped Cream $3.75

Italian Connection
Amaretto, Bailey's, and coffee topped with whipped cream

Grand Marnier
Served in a cordial glass $7.25

Served in a cordial glass $5.50

Hot Mudslide
Baileys, Absolut, and coffee topped with whipped cream

Hot Nutty Brownie
Dark Creme de Cocoa, Hazlenut Liquor, and hot chocolate
with whipped cream $6.95

Bailey's and Coffee
Topped with whipped cream $5.95

Tawny Port, Spain

Grappa Italy